6th Degree RED/WHITE belt Judo and Japanese Ju Jitsu under the Legend and Hall of Fame Sensei Wally Jay. Sensei Brad Burgo has developed along decades of experience - at the competitive level and the mentorship level - a unique and effective way of teaching Judo. He teaches a deep concept on "foot work", perfect posture and balance development in a process of producing a good foundation. 




NASM Certified Personal Training

UFC Certified Fitness Trainer

TRX and RIP Core Certified Trainer

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Competitor, Multi-National and International Champion.

Womens Self-Defense Instructor

Kid's Self Defense & Martial Arts Co-Instructor

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Sensei Quinonez is a USJF & USJI certified Yodan(4th degree) black belt in Judo and a Small Circle certified Shichidan(7rd degree) black belt in Small Circle Jujitsu.  A Judo-Jujitsu student of Professor Wally Jay’s since 1961, he attained national prominence in 1968 as the 120 pound  High School National Champion, and as the outstanding sportsman receiving the coveted Professor T. Yamaouchi Award for Fighting Spirit. He was presented Central Coasts Outstanding Judoka Award in 1968.   An ‘All American’ in 1967 and 1968,  Sensei  returned to competition in 1997, capturing 2nd in the United States Senior National Championship, 161 LB. Masters division for 45-49 year olds .  He Won the 1998 California Masters Championship and holds the 1998 and 2000 third place medals of the United States Senior National Master’s Championship for the 45 to 49 year old 161 LB. Division.  Sensei Quinonez has placed second and third in the World Masters Athlete Judo Championship held in Wellington, Canada(1999), and Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada(2000), in the 73 kilo (161 lb.), 45 to 49 Year old division.  In 2001 he took first in the United States Senior National Master Championship for the 50 – 54 years 73 kilo. division and third in the World Masters for the 50 – 54 year old 73 kilo. division.  Once again, Central Coast Yudanshakai presented Sensei Quinonez with his second Outstanding Judoka Award in 2001.  In 2002 he placed second, and in 2003, Sensei Quinonez regained first place standings at the United States Senior National Championships, and successfully defended the division title in 2004, placing first for the second year in a row.   


Sensei holds a BS degree in Biochemistry, with a Chemistry minor, and is currently teaching Algebra II and Judo/Jujitsu at Alameda High School. He was nominated as the Teacher of the Year in 2005. He also teaches judo and jujisu to the community on Monday and Wednesday evenings 7:00 to 8:30 in the Alameda High School Professor Jay dojo room as head sensei of the “Small Circle Judo and Jujitsu Club”.


Josiah Gonzales was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He started training Judo at the age of 13 under Haruo Makimoto of The Okubo Judo Club. Josiah spent his youth training 4-5 days a week and competing at the state and national level. At the age of 18, Josiah was awarded the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) later that same year he and his teammates were invited to train in Japan at several schools including The Kodokan. A few years later Josiah’s Judo practice was placed on hold while he attended college. Josiah made his way back into Judo in hopes that he could inspire new practitioners to develop in the art of the gentle way.